I recently set up a github profile.

I've been playing a lot with Slackware Linux. I have the beard to prove it.

I've been lurking quite a bit around Quora lately. I've also been lurking around IRC on freenode as Robotic.

I read a book, "Cosmic Trigger" by Robert Anton Wilson. I quite enjoyed it. I'm torn now between re-reading the Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide again, or some various other Robert Heinlein or Douglas Adams.

Musically I've been listening to Andrew Jackson Jihad, Steve Aoki, Nine Inch Nails, and Pegboard Nerds.

I went to Hocking Hills Ohio with my lady. We ziplined, we hiked. It was pretty awesome.

I stopped neglecting this website. More to come on that later. Maybe I should stop neglecting my Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube, and other such things. But for now... definitely going to update the ol website.