This is the website of a 31 year old human person named Jason Altenburg from Michigan.

Kinda drifting into the abstract in terms of how I see myself.

What has Jason been up to lately!?




This post Edited 2016-06-20

Yesterday was Father's Day and it was a great one. I got a really nice picture made up of all the kid's hands, a walking dead fleece throw, a flashlight, and got to spend a ton of time with the kids, with Rachael, and got to go fishing. Caught 2 pike out of the River Raisin. One of the pike bit me in the thumb as I was going to pick him up. It was lightning quick, and super sharp teeth, so sharp that after I'd cleaned it up, couldn't even find a wound.

I listened to Drake's album Views. Drake has this way of singing in a very direct manner, the tone driving a lot of the message. Good composition in the way that he moves from nearly spoken to melodic. Lyrics seem silly almost pointless but then there's this underlying message in the way it's all laid down. Not hard to see why this album is so popular.

Beyond this, listening to Pegboard Nerds, Chainsmokers, Die Antwoord, Regina Spektor, Crown the Empire, and I Prevail.

I began reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, but the copy I have is apparently missing half of the book. I'll need to purchase it to finish it. Kinda left me sour so haven't really moved on to another title just yet, but Heinlein's looking quite tempting as there's not a whole lot more Douglas Adams out there to read.

I've started putting together a wishlist of sorts again. I'd like to get it all over on Amazon. Haven't thought about things that I would want in a long while. When I got a list of things my Father might want it was super helpful. That and people always say that I'm hard to buy for, so I'll make it easy.

Haven't played many video games lately, a little tiny bit of Tropico 5 within the past week or so, but mostly just to grab trophies on PSN.