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Kinda drifting into the abstract in terms of how I see myself.

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Was thinking about the books I've read over time and remembered that I had created a list with 43things, 43places, and allconsuming... then I found out that they had shut all these sites down. Seems it happened in roughly 2014, so can't really say I was a heavy user. I found some of the information using web archives, but it's far from complete, and the lists of books seems to be gone forever. Maybe I'll have to start up a Goodreads account.

I recently finished The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein. Was a pretty great read, and I'm currently working my way through The Past Through Tomorrow which is a series of short stories by Heinlein. The overarching way that a separate universe seems to exist in the author's head is just awesome and amazing. Luna City feels like a real place, fleshed out by the multitude of characters and stories, not just a one-trick pony brought in as a gimmick. The short stories and the novel aren't necessarily related but there are little similiarities here and there that are just indescribably satisfying.

Beyond all this I've just been very busy at work, and at home. The 4th of July weekend was crazy, but rounded it out with a nice little fishing expedition in the Raisin. Caught some bass, pike, and catfish. Brother-in-law caught himself a monster pike, had to be at least 24 inches. Stayed on the banks til it got too dark to see.