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Kinda drifting into the abstract in terms of how I see myself.

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Spent a good amount of time today getting Mopidy set up. Had some trouble understanding why my virtual machine wasn't outputting any audio. Running a Slackware 14.2 guest the culprit ended up being a muted sound channel. Used the alsamixer command to get it straightened out. Went down some crazy paths but all in all I think I understand the sound setup to a much better degree than I would have otherwise. Other commands that were very helpful here were 'aplay -l' to show what devices were connected, and 'speakertest -c2 -t wav' to play a test file to both channels. After getting the dependencies for Mopidy, Mopidy, pip, and mopidy-gmusic plugin set up, I needed a frontend to connect to Mopidy.

I ended up going with ncmpcpp, had to install the ugly-plugins pack to get the stream working correctly, but after it was all said and done, I could do the same thing I could do with Chrome but through a CLI interface.... and that's thrilling (for me at least!). The only gripe so far is that I'm not really sure how to search Google Play for music with it, as it seems to raise a bunch of Python exceptions when I attempt to do so through '3' in ncmpcpp, but not a huge deal as nearly everything else works as expected.

Definitely getting much more comfortable navigating in bash, tmux and xfce. Really enjoying it, and it feels awesome to be able to adapt so quickly, even if it requires several cheatsheets open most times.

I haven't been reading much, but have been playing Ingress quite a bit since the launch of Pokemon Go. I found it as it's what Pokemon Go is based on, and immediately fell in love with it, the dark cyberpunk aspect of it definitely fit my taste more than the bright happy world of Pokemon Go.