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There's a lot going on lately. Not really sure what to put here because it seems like there's a whole lot important and a whole lot not so much so important. As incredibly vague as that is, it's the opening paragraph to the 2016-09-08 post.

I've been listening to Zedd quite a bit, True Colors album is quite good, the title track is really great, in addition the rest of the album is energetic and really gets me going. Nine Inch Nails deserve a mention, always great. I had a bit of a moment recently feeling like I'd lost something from my youth, a bit of oomph, gusto, get going wherewithal outstanding force. Not really sure what to say, maybe it's rose colored glasses and all but mostly there was just this sense that I'd never be able to reconnect to that time or that feeling. A bit of System of a Down, Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine, and Mudvayne later... mostly sparked by the radio playing some serious throwbacks... and I felt like I could at least somewhat connect to that place again. Magical!

So, this is mostly sounding depressing so far, so let's move into the positive now, don't want this to be some sort of emo diary rant page. Ingress is really cool, I've been playing quite a bit in the Dundee, Ida, Monroe area, and we recently have taken a few trips to other locations and I've played it there. September has a special badge in the game that you can achieve by visiting 300 unique portals, which to be brief, are locations of note within a given area. To be even briefer, basically pokestops. Visiting another area and having a handheld map that tells you where a lot of interesting things are, is really a neat thing. In Fenton, we ended up heading down a street in downtown that I doubt we'd have ever gone down, and some of the architecture alone was an amazing bonus to taking the detour.

I'd recently watched some Rick and Morty based on a suggestion from a friend, and got totally hooked. I made the brutal mistake of trying to watch the actual seasons available on the Adult Swim app through the Google Play Store. Don't do this! I ended up watching at the very least exactly as much ad content (repetetive by the way) as I did of the show. I ended up lucking out as there was a nonstop marathon going on, so I sacrificed the ability to pick and choose where I started and stopped and hopped into the marathon stream. Excellent stuff. I really found it to be something that was quite disturbing in a way that I really don't feel often. I enjoy watching South Park, grew up with Ren and Stimpy, and Family Guy and American Dad feel somewhat trite, so saying that really feels like it's something. One of the only other things I can think of that was really weird like some of these scenes that comes to mind is Mr. Ando of the Woods... which... well... look it up.

So, those are the things that are going on here today. Signing off.