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So some people at work are aware of this site now. I'm thinking if you work with me, and you read this, maybe we should have a secret hand signal. Or, just casually insert "chocolate bunnies" into the conversation and wink.

Cancelled my Google Music subscription to save $10 a month, so the music front has been a bit different. I've been listening to a lot of classical, and Between the Buried and Me. It's a different experience mostly due to listening to the same songs/albums repeatedly. Given me a whole new appreciation of the BTBAM album Colors, as well as "Anatomy Of".

Just started in on Season 3 of the Newsroom. The show is fantastic, if you've never seen it, I'd suggest looking up the speech Jeff Daniels gives in the first episode. If you have Amazon Prime, all 3 seasons are available. The dynamics between the characters is excellent, I'm really liking Grace Gummer's arrival into the show. Just sad that this is already the last season of the show.

Still playing Ingress though my addiction to drawing triangles on a map is slightly fading, trying to focus more on the teamwork and larger ops portion of the game. We'll see how that goes, still wish I could get a few more people involved, at least 2 from invites so I could get the recruiter badge.

On the homefront, we are looking to get into a house soon. That would be amazing for multiple reasons. Hoping for the best.