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So some people at work are defs aware of this site now. If you are K or K (edited for privacy reasons gosh this is the Internet ffs), just say "banana" and we can move on with the day. Remember, it's "banana", not "bananas" or "Banananificent". Gotta keep it straight. If you're anyone else at work, say "koala to the max" and I'll know for sure.

Got suckered back into Google Play Music. 60 day free trial. Are you kidding!? Yes please. Then there's Amazon prime that the idea was to lapse on payment for the second cycle... but then they have the family plan and I have everyone's kindle hooked up into it now... so that's definitely not going to happen. Congrats Amazon, take my 100 dollars.

Been watching not a whole heck of a lot as far as media goes. Not a whole lot of videos or TV is really grabbing my focus lately. We've been moving and that's just a huge investment of time on all fronts. I have still grabbed the PS4 controller and played a bit of Diablo 3 tho, that's fun, add me if you feel like it on PSN Robotic101010.

Couple of songs to leave you with, and a bonus shoutout to a friend who is doing some amazing work on Youtube. Don't act like you're not excited.

Case & Point - Savage

Everything - Said the Sky

Bang - The Pack A.D.

and the most important:

Lightspeed - Kill the Noise & Datsik

Oh man is that last one a good one.

Now, as promised, go listen to my buddy Mark Witz, who is doing amazing work. Flipping amazing.

I swear!

I decorated my Christmas Tree to this music! Link is to episode 3 of his Podcast: Positivity.

Mark Witz